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Best Hip Hop Workout Songs You Must Add to Your Playlist

woThe trick to exercising continuously for hours without quitting is finding motivation. And nothing offers that much better than music. Exercising while listening to your favorite hip hop music makes workouts seem easier than they are. It also encourages you to keep up with a challenging workout session by boosting your efforts and most importantly, elevating your mood. But all these depends on the music you’ve chosen to play.

Here are eight best hip hop workout music that will enhance your workout performance, especially Bar Brothers beginner workout

1. Break Your Neck by Busta Rhymes

When going through hard reps, you need something to keep you moving. Break your neck is one of the songs you can’t enjoy listening while standing or sitting. You will want to keep on moving no matter how exhausted you feel.

2. Ruff Ryders’ Anthem by DMX

DMX is known to produce music that makes us feel tough even when you consider ourselves weaklings and Ruff Ryders’ Anthem is not an exception. Featuring a robust and high aggressive voice with hard rap beats, listening to this music will make you want to push through anything no matter how tough the workouts are.

3. The New Workout Plan by Kanye West

The New Workout Plan song is a perfect choice for aerobics but also works best in a highly competitive session where no one wants to be left behind. Even though the lyrics don’t have some fitness advice in them, the beats combined with Kanye’s satirical lines will keep your adrenaline above the usual level.

4. WTF by Missy Elliot

A true old school hip hop fanatic should have at least Missy Elliot’s album somewhere in his or her music collection. She is known to combine beats and lyrics that will keep your body moving. Play her song WTF, and you will want your movements to flow together with the beats. WTF is a great song if you want to continue without stopping.

5. Started from the Bottom by Drake

Everyone starts from the bottom, but nothing makes one desire to make it at the top than listening to a song that reminds them where they started. Listening to this song will make you feel that you’ve made it and that you need to work harder than you worked a yesterday or a week ago. You will want to lift heavier weights, perform more reps and sets and more.

6. Till I Collapse by Eminem

You are never done till you can’t move, and that is what Eminem will keep on reminding you when exercising and listening to this music. The song will make you want to drain all the energy, and the only time you will think of quitting is when your body can’t lift even the smallest weight. Till I Collapse by Eminem is a truly motivating song that will encourage you to use the little energy you have.

7. You Don’t Know by Eminem and G-Unit

If you are a G-unit fan, then you must have noticed the uniqueness in how they produce their music. Most G-unit songs will tell you to man-up, get off your couch and tell the world what you can do more. The song, You Don’t Know is not an exception. The song combines the powerful voice of G-Unit and motivational lyrics of Eminem with the hardest hip hop beats that will ignite every muscle in your body.

8. Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar

There are those days you won’t have the motivation as well as those day’s you will just want to spend a whole day in the gym. The fact is, you have the flame burning inside you, but you don’t want to show it. In his song swimming pools, Kendrick Lamar is trying to remind you that you have the power and aggression and that you can do more than just doing 10 to 20 reps. He is telling you to swim more laps.

9. Get Low by Lil Jon and The East Side Boys

Lil Jon Speaks to you directly and reminds you that you have more energy in you. In his song Get Low, he goes ahead to tell you that you haven’t done anything till you see the sweat. The song combines Lil Jon’s powerful voice and hard beats to keep you moving.

10. What You Know by T.I

Probably you will want to do more if the person singing to you is showing you how to do it. What You Know is that kind of a song and will encourage you to push harder on the weight. It is the best song for weight lifting workouts.

There you have it; the top 10 best hip hop music that will enhance your workout performance. Sadly, you won’t get the motivation by just reading this article. Add this ten songs to your playlist and see how far you can go.


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